When the Outsiders came to Earth, Humanity was already struggling within the depths of War and was no match for the well-organized invaders.
Over the course of a mere decade, they annihilated everything and turned entire nations into rubble. Most of gal-kind was lost.

But a brave handful of Gals endured. Until, at very end of that dreadful decade a weakness was found, and the Outsiders were defeated forever.
The Oustider Tech that was left behind lead to the greatest technological leap in history.

A handful of Great Cities were erected with powers from far in the future, while the rest of the world was left behind in the past.

Meet The Gals

Merc Gals population: 36%

Whether you need a bounty taken care of, or want some Lost Tech retrieved, these are the Gals for you. The Mercgals are the best bang for the buck you can hire across the world. At the ground levels of every Beacon City, the Mercgirls are ready to handle your dirty work.

If its just doing a smuggling run or a hit on a political individual, they will do everything if the price is right. Therefore they are among the most wanted Gals in the galaxy.

City Gals population: 55%

No deal or negotiation happens away from these Gals' watchful eyes. They blend into every situation, since they are so diverse yet ambiguous that no-one suspects a thing. City Gals are born and raised in any of the Beacon Cities, very rarely leaving them.

They are totally at home in a vibrant and active enviromentand are the perfect Ξ-girl to fill anyone's needs.

Aristo Gals population: 9%

Rumors abound about these Gals, and word is that even the CEOs listen to their directions. A rare and beautiful sight, they are amongst the most elite and sophisticated Gals out there.

Their skill and intellect are that on par with the brightest, and their good sense for wealth and fashion is unmatched. For these reasons the Aristogals are extremely sought after, and people will go to extreme lengths to have one in their midst.